Icon Requirements
You have to be Level 24, Obtain the Key to the Underworld
Icon Worlds Accessible
Mythology Mountains, LEGO Center
Icon Enemies
Harpy Sentinel, Harpy Raider, Minotaur Brute, Minotaur Warrior, Tally, Captain Dallran, Digit, Wrutter, Fermin, Svog, Three Witches, Skeleton Axeman, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Vanguard, Skeleton Mage, Summoned Skeleton, Sylph, Hades, Lord of the Underworld.
Icon Major Characters
Battle Goddess, the Oracles- Three Grey Sisters, 'Charon, the Ferryman' Hades, Lord of the Underworld, Zeus, Video Game Guy
Icon Interactive map

"Hades rules the Underworld with an iron fist and a threeheaded pet dog."

Underworld is a Story Dungeon in the Mythology World accessed at the end of the Mythology Mountains.

Minifigure parts

The following minifigure parts can be found here:

Associated Quests

  • Rebuild the statues to close the pit. You cannot continue until you do; you cannot retreat unless your team is broken.
  • Defeat the three Witches. You cannot continue until you do; you cannot retreat unless your team is broken.
  • Defeat Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. You cannot retreat unless your team is broken. There are two Buildies that provide healing hearts and an electrical field that damages enemies.


These are also known as minibosses; they usually have distinct names and the red and orange circle around them.

Character Points

  • Smash 50 Witches as Cyclops, Waiter or Wizard (50 Points each). The Three Witches count towards this.
  • Build 15 Mythology Statues as Fortune Teller, Plumber or Scientist (50 Points each). Note: The statues you build to close the pit (see above) do not count, but the buildies used to fight Hades do (the one on the right counts as 1 build but two statues!).
  • Smash 25 Minotaur Statues as Jester, Motorcycle Mechanic, Policeman, Rock Star or Warrior Woman (50 Points each).

Story Quests



  • Roman Emperor parts were moved to Space World. They were replaced by Decorator parts.
  • The three witches have now been named Deino, Pemphredo, and Enyo.


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