Treasure Island


Icon Requirements
The player has to be Level 5.
Icon Worlds Accessible
Isle of Yarr
Icon Enemies
Skeleton Scallywag, Skeleton musketeer, Jungle Trickster, Tiger, Scout, Hunter, Witch Doctor, Mukko Serioso, Tikka Bomba, Spider Egg, Hoodai, Corsair, Scallywag, Desperado, Grenadier, Pirate Cannon, Pirate Bay Champion and Crikey the Kraken.
Icon Major Characters
Icon Interactive map
Not available

 "Many a minifigure have traveled to this island in search of treasure, but few manage to get past the mighty Kraken."

Treasure Island is an Epic Dungeon accessed through the Isle of Yarr in the Pirate World.

  • Defeat Crikey the Kraken to conquer the dungeon and receive Loot Chests and the Piggy Guy minifigure
  • Enemies and Smashies do not regenerate.
  • (Free-to-Play) Sometimes the final free loot chest will have more than the normal 1 diamond (e.g. 3).

Minifigure Parts

The following minifigure parts could be found here:


The following minifigure parts can be found here:


Associated Quests

  • Take control of the beach. Bonfire Buildies summon friendly reinforcements.
  • Defeat Tikka Bomba. You cannot pass until you do (or retreat unless enemies break your team of 3 figures).
  • Defeat the guardians of the Pirate Bay. You cannot pass until you do (or retreat unless enemies break your team of 3 figures).
  • Defeat the Kraken. You cannot retreat unless he breaks your team of 3 figures. There are 3 Buildies: two can damage the Kraken, the other provides healing hearts.


Champions are shown with an orange and red ring around them. Defeat them and sometimes you will receive free and member loot chests.

Character Points


  • There is an inaccessible area on the map blocked by a wooden wall. The two Tikki Totems standing behind this wall could be smashed by some special powers.
  • Normally Enemies don't regenerate in Epic Dungeons, but while Tikka Bomba survives it will either summon them, or they will regenerate.
  • Take Control of the Beach quest now requires building at least two bonfires.
  • ~279 (+extra spider) Enemies or Monsters, ~119 Smashies, ~9 Buildies (3 bonfires, 4 hearts, 2 anti-boss).


  • New star chests have been placed inside the wall (see above), and the map cropped to the wall.


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