Teams are groups of players working together in the game. These groups will be able to take on bosses and other encounters. The maximum players allowed per group is 4.

Monsters or enemies will become stronger or weaker in Story Dungeons depending on the number of players in the Story Dungeon. Players not in the same team will not be able to complete a Story Dungeon/Pocket Adventure/Epic Dungeon with those that are in the group.

Team Creation

A team can be created by inviting a player to join a group. When you click on the teams/friends button, or UI (User Interface), on the left, then you will see members of your team, and seven other players you have passed recently that you can invite. In order to successfully invite a player into a team, the invited player must not be in another team or doing a Lost Creations run, then has to accept the invitation. Once the invited player accepts the invitation, the team is automatically created and the player can view in the team UI.


  • Since there's no scroll function, you'll only see the first seven players for awhile. One way around this is to logout then come back in, which can reset the list. If you are using a mouse, however, you can position the mouse over the list and scroll down using the mouse wheel.
  • It's advisable to invite people to join your team who are waiting at the entrance where you want to team up (since they are right there, ready to go).

Entering a dungeon

When one team member enters a dungeon (e.g. Lost Creations), a 60-second countdown will start. The team members will get a notice, and they can enter, decline or time-out.

Leaving a Team

The player can leave a team by clicking their name in the team UI and then push "leave group". The player will then leave the group and if the player leaving the team was the leader of the group, then another player from the group will be assigned to be team leader. If other players have left the team, and the player is the only one in the group, the team will be automatically dismissed and the player will be free to form/join another group. In Lost Creations, team members automatically leave the group when all their figures are smashed or players end the run.