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The Space World is the third world in LEGO Minifigures Online. It is home to the Galaxy Patrol and is known to feature revamped versions of classic LEGO Space and Futuron sets.


When the player first arrives at the Space Colony, he discovers that the Space Mercenary has been stealing precious power crystals from the Space Miners. The player decides to help, but was told by a commander of the Galaxy Troopers that they can handle the problem alone, and do not need the help of the player. The player decides to help anyway, smashing monster plants and Mercenary Troopers along the way. As the player arrives at the entrance of the Space Command HQ, another commander of the Space Troopers realizes that they need the player's help, and asks the player to rid the headquarters of the Space Mercenary. The player, after fighting mercenary troopers and defeating the Battle Bot X-15, completes the task. After going through the second part of the Space Colony, the player rides a spaceship and arrives at the Planet's Dark Side.

Upon arriving at Planet's Dark Side, the player gets a request from the Commander of the Galaxy Troopers, to find out the motive of the Space Mercenary for stealing the power crystals. The player soon finds out that the Space Mercenary was hired by the aliens. After going through a crystal powered portal, the communication between the player and the Commander was fuzzy, and the last request from the Commander was to eliminate the aliens. The player follows through, and the aliens were gotten rid of. Before fighting the Alien Queen, Commander Z, of the aliens, suggested that the Space Miners and the aliens share the crystals. However, the Alien Queen refused. After defeating the Alien Queen, the player can now move on to the Mythology Mountains.


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