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Smashies are objects that can be "smashed" by attacking them.  Smashies can give stars or power-up rewards when smashed.

In the main Adventure Zones, Smashies restore themselves after a minute or so. In Pocket Adventures, Story Dungeons, and Epic Dungeons, they do not regenerate until the dungeon resets.

There is a game mode called "Smash and Dash" in Lost Creations, where you must smash enough smashies before timer runs out and reach the exit.  In this case, they do not provide stars or rewards.

Defender Minifigures have achievements for breaking 500 and 5000 Smashies, as well as a small number of a specific type (see below).

List of Smashies

  • Alien machines and objects,
  • Apple baskets,
  • Barrels,
  • Barricades,
  • Cages,
  • Carrot cartons,
  • Carts,
  • Catapults,
  • Chairs,
  • Chests,
  • Crates,
  • Enemy banners,
  • Fences,
  • Harpy Nests,
  • Heart Bushes,
  • Minotaur Statues,
  • Mushrooms,
  • Sweets,
  • Tiki Totems,
  • Vase-like pots,
  • Vegetable Gardens,
  • Walls (a specific type),
  • Weapon racks,
  • Webs.

Minifigure-Specific Achievements

  • Smash 50 Tiki Totems (mostly in Pirate World) as Mountain Climber, Island Warrior, Scarecrow, Grandma, Goblin, Sheriff, Flying Warrior.
  • Smash 50 Sweets (in the Kingdom after Bewitched Forest teleport and in Bewitched Candy Forest Pocket Adventure) as Librarian, Trendsetter, Sea Captain, Bumblebee Girl, Egyptian Warrior, Snake Charmer, Skeleton Guy, Gargoyle, Monster Rocker, Frightening Knight.
  • Smash 50 Alien Machines (in Space World) as Mermaid, Forest Maiden, Battle Mech, Constable, Yeti, Batle Goddess, Hun Warrior, Heroic Knight, Banshee, Janitor, Shark Suit Guy.
  • Smash 25 Minotaur Statues (in Mythology World) as Roman Emperor, Policeman, Warrior Woman, Motorcycle Mechanic, Jester, Lifeguard Guy, Piggy Suit Guy, Rock Star, Paleontologist, Square Foot, Zombie Pirate, Clumsy Guy, Wrestling Champion.



An example of smashable banana crates

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