This article is about something that disappeared after the game became Buy To Play.

Power Bricks were special bricks that could be used to make your minifigures stronger. Power Bricks were removed after the transition to Buy-To-Play.

Power Bricks were dropped from Loot Chests and Enemies. Collecting bricks of the same size levels them up. As individual power brick levels increased, the boosts they gave become better.


  • Yellow Bricks- Adds Creativity CreativityIcon. (build faster)
  • Red Bricks- Adds Damage DamageIcon. (do more damage)
  • Blue Bricks- Adds Defense DefenceIcon. (take less damage)



  • Power Bricks were replaced by Pets.
  • Originally all Power Bricks leveled up equally from bricks that were dropped. This has since been changed, as now players can only earn experience for their bricks by finding the associated brick from an enemy/mission.
  • There were multiple plates to use (as seen above) in early Closed Beta, but this has since been cut down to one.
  • Luck LuckIcon and Health HealthIcon Power Bricks were available in early Closed Beta but were removed. Luck had a purple color and health had a green color. It was always deemed "under construction" due to its' inability to do its' intended effect when equipped.
  • You could use the keyboard shortcut "b" to access the brick plate faster.