The Pirate World is the first world the player will encounter.


The Pirate World is the first place you visit on your quest to find the missing minifigures. You appear a little ways off the coast and, once reaching the coast, build a cannon to get onto the mainland. Doing this gets the attention of some Jackets; you get thrown in jail for doing this. Captain Pete is introduced in the jail and offers you a way to escape. Simply put, you've got to smash the walls and fight your way through the Jackets to get out. Once out, Captain Pete tells you to meet him at the Pirate Town on the otherside of the island. As you proceed over there, you encounter Captain Dreadleg multiple times. He's the main villain of the world and commands a ghost pirate crew. Upon reaching the Pirate Town, you're told that he was once part of Pete's pirate crew but turned evil. It's now up to you to defeat Dreadleg; but before you can do that, you must pass Pete's Pirate Trials. At the end of these is Captain Pete himself whom you must face combat to prove how worthy you are. Once you've defeated him, you receive a Homestone and can proceed to Volcano Island to defeat Dreadleg. If you manage to accomplish the task of defeating Dreadleg, you're rewarded and can move on to the Medieval World. That is, if you have 8 minifigures or more.


The maximum level you can reach for this area is 11. (An exception is made for the Winter Pass.)


The following give you a points for your game score, and some stars as reward.

  • Master Pickpocket: Complete all (9) Pirate World Pocket Adventures.
  • Defeat Crikey the Kraken.
  • A Pirate Life For Me: Defeat all (13) the Champions of the Pirate World. Some are in Pocket Adventures.
  • Treasure Chaser: Explore every creek and corner of the Pirate World.
  • Prison Break: Escape Jacket Fort.
  • Ghostbuster: Vanquish the menace of the Pirate World.
  • Dreadleg's Favorite Hat: Find Dreadleg's favorite hat in the Pirate World.
  • A Nose for Gold: Sniff out all (3) the buried treasure in the Pirate World.


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