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The Mythology World is a world that appears after the Space World in LEGO Minifigures Online. It became available on August 20, 2014 during Open Beta.


You've received a stone tablet inviting you to the world. Zeus is having a party, but Battle Goddess has gone missing. You will soon meet the Oracle - the three Grey Sisters who inform you that monsters are taking over the mountains, and they send you on a quest which takes you through 3 story dungeons.First you must save Battle Goddess from Medusa´s lair, where Medusa has turned Battle Goddess into stone.After defeating Medusa, Battle goddess informs you about a key to underworld.So you and Battle Goddess travel to Armory to get the key.However, Thunderbolt, who is guarding the key, doesn´t want to give the key to you without battle.After defeating Thunderbolt, you get the key.


Story Dungeons

Epic Dungeons

  • Skyforge

Pocket Adventures


  • Corycian Caver
  • Iron Will of the Gods
  • Thunderous Applause
  • Your Personal Odyssey
  • From Zero to Hero
  • Lightiningblast´s Garden
  • Collar of the Beast
  • The Eye of Knowing


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