Minifigures are characters in LEGO Minifigures Online. Each minifigure has a unique ability, which affects their gameplay and roles. Some minifigures can build faster, while others attack better. Some also can fight for a long time without needing to heal. You can use up to 3 of them at a time and switch freely between them.

A minifigure will be unavailable for a minute when it gets smashed. The three chosen minifigures can heal, even if they are not active and playing in the environment.

How to Obtain Minifigures

Minifigures can be obtained by collecting parts that enemies, minibosses and champions drop in various worlds or by completing Pocket Adventures. If you have collected the 3 parts of a minifigure, you can build the minifigure.

You can also unlock minifigures in-game using the codes that come in their bags, starting with Series 12 or event codes to promote the game.Some minifigures can be obtained by buying a certain type of Membership.

List of Minifigures

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Series1 Robot · Ninja · Cowboy
Series2 Spartan Warrior
Series3 Samurai Warrior · Elf
Series4 Ice Skater
Series5 Evil Dwarf · Lizard Man
Series6 Skater Girl
Series7 Aztec Warrior · Evil Knight · Grandma Visitor · Galaxy Patrol · Tennis Ace · Viking Woman
Series8 Pirate Captain · Fairy · Santa · DJ
Series9 Alien Avenger · Battle Mech · Chicken Suit Guy · Cyclops · Forest Maiden · Fortune Teller · Heroic Knight · Hollywood Starlet · Judge · Mermaid · Mr. Good And Evil · Plumber · Policeman · Roller Derby Girl · Roman Emperor · Waiter
Series10 Baseball Fielder · Bumblebee Girl · Decorator · Grandpa · Librarian · Medusa · Motorcycle Mechanic · Mr. Gold · Paintball Player · Revolutionary Soldier · Roman Commander · Sad Clown · Sea Captain · Skydiver · Tomahawk Warrior · Trendsetter · Warrior Woman
Series11 Barbarian · Constable · Diner Waitress · Evil Mech · Gingerbread Man · Grandma · Holiday Elf · Island Warrior · Lady Robot · Mountain Climber · Pretzel Girl · Saxophone Player · Scarecrow · Scientist · Welder · Yeti
Series12 Battle Goddess · Dino Tracker · Fairytale Princess · Genie Girl · Hun Warrior · Jester · Lifeguard Guy · Piggy Guy · Pizza Delivery Man · Prospector · Rock Star · Space Miner · Spooky Girl · Swashbuckler · Video Game Guy · Wizard
Series13 Galaxy Trooper · Alien Trooper · Evil Wizard · Classic King · Goblin · Lady Cyclops · Snake Charmer · Paleontologist · Carpenter · Hot Dog Man · Sheriff · Samurai · Disco Diva · Unicorn Girl · Fencer · Egyptian Warrior
Series14 Banshee · Monster Scientist · Fly Monster · Gargoyle · Tiger Woman· Monster Rocker · Spectre · Square Foot · Plant Monster · Wolf Guy· Zombie Businessman· Zombie Cheerleader · Zombie Pirate · Wacky Witch · Spider Lady · Skeleton Guy
Series15 Animal Control · Astronaut · Ballerina · Clumsy Guy · Farmer · Faun · Flying Warrior · Frightening Knight · Janitor · Jewel Thief· Kendo Fighter· Laser Mech · Queen · Shark Suit Guy · Tribal Woman · Wrestling Champion


  • Enemies gave Minifigure Bags in closed beta and a part of open beta. This was changed to Minifigure parts halfway through open beta.
  • With the transition from F2P to B2P some things have changed regarding Minifigures. In F2P some minifigures could be unlocked if the player had collected all parts for that minifigure. In B2P everything became easier as some minifigures could be unlocked without getting the parts collected.
  • Before the B2P update, for non-members, the higher the level of the player, the longer the wait time until the minifigure will be available again. Players can switch between the minifigures to prevent the minifigure to get smashed. Members had a one-minute smash timer.
  • Smashed minifigures in Lost Creations are smashed until the run is finished.
  • Before the B2P update, you needed a Baseplate to build a minifigure, after you have collected all the parts of the minifigure.