This article is about something that disappeared after the game became Buy To Play.

Minifigure Bags in the game can be opened to collect a minifigure (usually random) to play in the game.

  • They used to be purchased in the shop before the Buy to Play update.
  • You used to gain one bag the first time you find the Pirate Town (or earlier). You don't have to open it right away. There may be a benefit to not opening it until after you get the minifigures from the more common Minifigure Parts you earn in the game.
  • December started the Daily Reward; you got a Minifigure Bag on about your seventh day!
  • Daily Reward also used to give you a Minifigure Bag on your 113th day!
  • If you enter a Series 12 or 13 code from purchasing a real, physical Minifigure, your game Minifigure pops out of a bag. Note: if you enter a code for one you already have, it goes to either the next one or a random one you don't have in that series.
  • When you complete the Chicken Suit Guy Challenge, you get a Minifigure Bag containing that figure.


  • The shop pricing for bags before the Buy to Play update:
  • Series 9 Bag - 750 Diamonds
  • Series 10 Bag - 750 Diamonds
  • Series 11 Bag - 750 Diamonds
  • Series 12 Bag - 750 Diamonds
  • Series 13 Bag - 750 Diamonds
  • Minifigure Bag Pack (2 Series 9 Bags, 2 Series 10 Bags) - 2700 Diamonds. Note: The shop says if you buy a pack with figures you already have, you get stars in place of the repeats.
  • Sometimes the Shop has sales for bags from a specific Series (e.g. 750 Diamonds for Series 11).


  • Minifigure bags originally required scissors to be opened. Each player started with 999 scissors, with 1 being consumed per minifigure bag used.
  • In the tutorial, there were Series 1 bags originally. (these are not obtainable in-game)
  • Originally, minifigure bags used the model of a brown bag of gold. (seen below in the gallery)
  • Before Minifigure Parts were introduced, Minifigure bags were dropped from enemies.
  • Prices have been increased from 750 diamonds to 1000 with the release of Series 12 in-game.
  • Game update on April 22 fixed a bug which wouldn't let most people collect the Daily Reward past Day-100 or so. If this affected you, you can collect several days worth or rewards until you get to your current day.