LEGO Center

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Icon Requirements
Unlocked the Homestone
Icon Worlds Accessible
Volcano Island, Isle of Yarr, Kingdom, Enchanted Forest, Space Colony, Planet's Dark Side, Mythology Mountains, Dino Rise,Lost Creations
Icon Enemies
Icon Major Characters
Video Game Guy, Space Miner
Icon Interactive map

The Hub is a LEGO Store, where the tutorial takes place and where your Homestone takes you. It's the central social hub of the game and also provides transport to every world.

Story Quests

You can do these only once. After completing one world, the story will have you return to LEGO Center, then Video Game Guy sends you to a new world.



  • Originally, there was a rocky platform that you spawned on. You had to use a bouncer to get to the main Hub platform.
  • The minigame platform featured a rocket similar to the ones in previous MMO, LEGO Universe up until the last few Beta phases.


Minifigures Online CB 2 Gameplay The Hub

Minifigures Online CB 2 Gameplay The Hub

Old CB gameplay of the Hub.

Messing around in the Hub

Messing around in the Hub

Out of Bounds in the Hub.