Icon Requirements
You have to be level 8, Unlocked the Medieval World, You need to have collected at least 8 minifigures to enter.
Icon Worlds Accessible
Dragon Halls, Ruined Fort
Icon Enemies
Crooked Tooth Brawler, Crooked Tooth Hunter, Crooked Tooth Ruffian, Crooked Tooth Piper, Summoned Gremlin, Skram Gatecrasher, Crooked Tooth Brute, Crooked Tooth Crusher, Ouch Ouch, Crooked Tooth Hurler, Spawned Gremlin, Uggluk Gatekeeper, Umad Thundercrusher, Dragon Cult Hunter, Dragon Cult Brawler, Dragon Cult Crusher, Dragon Cult Piper, Razorback, Ember Hatchling, Moon Gazer, Grey Wolf, Big Bad Wolf, Summoned Wolf, Crooked Tooth Shaman, The Bridge Troll, Warlock Zug Zug, Runestone, Boom Shroom, Bewitched Treeman, Sweet Tooth Ruffian, Spore Shroom, Sweet Tooth Fizzler, Beastmaster Wulfgar, Icefoot Ruffian, Ballista, Crooked Tooth Defender, Warchief Grogrog.
Icon Major Characters
Wizard, King James the Just, various townsfolk & knights, Sir Loin, Jester,
Icon Interactive map

The Kingdom is the first main playfield of the Medieval World. Enter and complete the Ruined Fort to proceed to the Enchanted Forest.


The crown of King James the Just has gone missing. The Wizard asks you to question the townsfolk for suspicious activity. The Jester falls under suspicion. He escapes from the town, and you pursue him to the Ruined Fort of Blackmoon.

Minifigure Parts

The following minifigure parts can be found here:

Associated Quests

  • Disrupt the Troll siege.
  • Fight your way through the Dragon Hill.
  • Break the Troll reinforcement line.
  • Fight your way through the bewitched forest.
  • Cripple the mountain defenses.

Story Dungeons

Epic Dungeons

  • Dragon Halls. Conquer for 50 points each as
    • (9) Mr. Good and Evil, Judge, Fortune Teller, Forest Maiden,
    • (10) Warrior Woman, Baseball Fielder, Sea Captain,
    • (11) Mountain Climber, Holiday Elf,
    • (12) Battle Goddess, Hun Warrior, Lifeguard Guy, Video Game Guy, Wizard, and
    • (13) Evil Wizard.

Pocket Adventures


Note: from his overlook you can see the entry to the Forgotten Ruins.

Story Quests

You can do these only once for reward.

  • Ask the townsfolk about suspicious activity. Reward: 10 diamonds.
  • Search the Kingdom to find the Jester. Reward: 20 diamonds.
  • Find the Jester.
  • Find the Jester at the Ruined Fort. Reward: 10 diamonds.



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