Isle of Yarr


Icon Requirements
Icon Worlds Accessible
The Pegleg Mermaid Tavern, Volcano Island, Treasure Island
Icon Enemies
Dragoon, Musketeer, Medic, Jungle Trickster, Guardsman Bob, Bull the Armsmaster, Corsair, Scallywag, Cannon, Lieutenant Gruffy, Scout, Hunter, Spider Egg, Spiderling, The Weaver, Crazy Kotaki, Witch Doctor, Skeleton Defender, Village Outcast, Summoned Skeleton, Grenadier, Desperado, Pirate Cannon, Skeleton Fighter, Two Eyed Willy, Chunk the Tiger.
Icon Major Characters
Captain Pete, Swashbuckler, Video Game Guy
Icon Interactive map

Isle of Yarr is the first main playfield of the Pirate World.


When you break out of jail, (the 3rd setting of the Tutorial), Captain Pete meets up with you, mentions Volcano and Treasure Islands, invites you to find him in Pirate Town and you get another reward of crystals. The proper game now starts here. You can now see other players in the playfield and attack enemies together. When you enter dungeons and pocket adventures you normally do so alone. Once you reach level 3 (which should be immediately), you can upgrade your Minifigures.

Minifigure parts

The following minifigure parts can be found here:

Associated Quests

  • Smash the wagons and supplies
  • Weaken the Jacket defenses
  • Free the pirate prisoners
  • Defeat the Cave Dweller and his Crew
  • Help the Scientist collect Golden Bananas
  • Recover the pirate treasures

Story Dungeons

Listed are the Minifigures to use for Figure Specific Achievements:

Epic Dungeons

Listed are the Minifigures to use for Figure Specific Achievements:

  • Treasure Island: Conquer as Plumber (9), Roman Emperor (9), Policeman (9), Librarian (10), Sad Clown (10), Revolutionary Soldier (10), Bumblebee Girl (10), Welder (11), Scarecrow (11), Barbarian (11), Grandma (11), Evil Mech (11), Dino Tracker (12), Pizza Delivery Man (12), Space Miner (12), Alien Trooper (13), Disco Diva (13), Fencer (13), Lady Cyclops (13), Samurai (13) to get 50 points for every achievement.

Pocket Adventures

Defeat the Champions in a Pocket Adventure to receive free and member Loot Chests. Listed are the Minifigures to use for Figure Specific Achievements:

Special Areas

As the seasons change, so do areas within Lego Minifigures Online! At certain times of the year you may find a special area, along with special Pocket Adventures and Awards.

  • Winterland Village: Located on the Isle of Yarr, just after the Smash the wagons and supplies quest, you enter the Winterland Village and talk to Santa. From here you may enter the Winter Pass Pocket Adventure and also receive the Holiday Spirit!


These are enemies with a distinct name and an orange and red circle around them. They usually regenerate a short while later than regular enemies. Occasionally you may receive free and member Loot Chests for defeating them. Listed are the Minifigures you will need to go Champion-smashing for Achievements:

Story Quests

You can only do these once.

  • Travel through the jungle. Reward: 10 crystals.
  • Find the Pirate Town. Reward: 50 crystals, Minifigure Bag.
  • Find Captain Pete in the Tavern. Reward: 10 crystals.


  • Pretzel Girl parts used to be found in Pirate World and its dungeons. It has been replaced by Waiter parts.


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