This article is about something that disappeared after the game became Buy To Play.

Diamonds were the premium currency of LEGO Minifigures Online. They could be found by smashing  Champions or enemies, completing missions, or buy purchasing them in the Shop/website.

Obtaining Diamonds through gameplay

Non members could obtain a very limited amount of Diamonds (<=10) every day by smashing enemies. For members, the daily limit was higher.

Buying Diamonds

The price in the Shop/Website

  • 1250 Diamonds - $4.99
  • 2750 Diamonds - $9.99
  • 9000 Diamonds - $29.99

Using Diamonds

Diamonds can be used to

  • Replay a dungeon that's in time-out for 25 Diamonds or less.
  • Revive a broken minifigure
  • Upgrade a minifigure (instead of with Stars) varies by level.
  • Buy a virtual Minifigure Bag (for online play only) for 1000 Diamonds.
  • Buy a Membership for 2000 Diamonds.


  • Originally, Minifigures Online used Funcom Points instead of Diamonds. This was changed midway through Closed Beta.